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Creepy and cool
Everyone knows I'm a morning person and that the sunrise is my favorite time of day. We're starting to enter the time of year where that happens later and later, and the darkness comes earlier. I wouldn't say I'm scared of the dark by any means, but I definitely find the night a little creepy. Or creppy.

For the rest of this year and well into next, I'll be heading out in the morning in darkness, too.

There's really nothing to worry about in Mukilteo, though. I stumbled on a couple of rocks because I couldn't see very well, but that's about it.


This overgrown shack is still a bit too creepy, though. Mainly because it'd take a while to navigate all the thorny vines, and if you encountered something scary in there, you'd get caught in them while running out.


While I don't appreciate all the darkness, the encroaching fall colors are fun.


The beach builders are still hard at work. And I didn't get a photo anywhere but Snapchat, but that boat is still on the beach.


I cut the walk a little short because I also wanted to go to Howarth Park. So of course the clouds started getting interesting.


I've made plans with a friend to try to walk from Howarth Park Beach to Pigeon Creek Beach during low tide a week from tomorrow, and was hoping to see if it's possible today. It was halfway between low and high tide by the time I got there, though, so I couldn't tell. It was a nice trip over there, though. The path from the parking lot was blocked by fallen trees, but I confirmed before I left that the other lower path is clear.

Today's awesome walks, 4.96 miles in 1:53, 11,793 steps, 256ft gain
4.96 miles in 1:53, 11,793 steps, 256ft gain

The delivery window for my new mattress was noon-2pm, and they made it at about 2:10. I called my barber to see if she had any openings this afternoon, but she didn't, so I took a nap with Sam and Steve. It was nice.

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Glad the mattress finally arrived.

I'm not sure I'd want to walk those trails in the dark. Do you take a flashlight with you?

I don't, but I have a flashlight app on my phone that'll do in a pinch.

The mattress is so nice! My credit card bill's pretty huge right now, though.

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