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One friend, two walks
I've been showing Melissa all of our local walk spots, and on Friday we went to Big Gulch, which was my first visit there in a while. Now there's only one place left to show her. As is always the case, I don't stop for photos much if I've got someone in tow. But the view on the way down demands at least one shot.


Friday's awesome walk, 4.08 miles in 1:34, 9,727 steps, 377ft gain
4.08 miles in 1:34, 9,727 steps, 377ft gain

She balked when I told her we'd be doing about four miles max at Big Gulch, so it was funny to see as we walked further and further down the hill when she'd ask, "We have to climb all the way back up?" The gulch is a fun climb, though. It's not an uphill slog.

She wants to walk as much as I do but is having a hard time conjuring up the motivation to go out on her own, so yesterday I invited her out again. I wanted to visit the East side of Japanese Gulch, from the top. Unfortunately, the route I came up with was shorter than I thought it would be. I consulted my last map from that side which was a walk that was over three hours, and I cut it down too much. It was still nice, though.

Today's awesome walk 3.5 miles in 1:33, 9,159 steps, 138ft gain
3.5 miles in 1:33, 9,159 steps, 138ft gain

The views from that side are nice. I'm sad to report that my favorite view is slowly being ruined by new trees getting taller. I won't complain, though, because they're trees.