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Safety in darkness
I'm grateful as winter approaches that I've got walking spots that are still viable in the dark. The waterfront is one of the best in that respect. It's next to the naval station, there are restaurants receiving deliveries, and tons of people living on boats. So I don't have to see a lot of people during the walk, but they're around if something happens. I don't worry when I'm there at all. And I get to see cool stuff, like the light above Boeing and Paine Field off in the distance.


I'm a sucker for a good vanishing point.


The sunrise today wasn't colorful at all, but it had its moments.


And I saw a lot of seals!


Today's awesome walk, 5.95 miles in 1:55, 12,775 steps
5.95 miles in 1:55, 12,775 steps

In other news, I listed something fun on my shop yesterday and a friend bought it within a few minutes.



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