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Afternoons are not my time

Turns out my theory is correct. Pigeon Creek beach and Howarth Park Beach become one long beach during low tide, and I walked from the former to the latter this afternoon. Kristen had a sore throat today, so it was just me, and that ended up working out ok, because I sunk really far into the wet sand and wouldn't have been able to do a longer walk like we originally planned. And now I know we shouldn't attempt the big loop since wet feet lead to blisters.


There were nice views of the ships and Mt. Baker.


And you see all kinds of stuff during low tide.


There's an abandoned boat at Edgewater beach, and I found this today. Put them together and start a crab catching business.


This photo illustrates why you can't walk from one beach to the other during high tide. You can tell by looking at the wall, there's at least three feet of water. I mean, I guess you could do it, but you'd get soaked and would probably fall a lot because you can't see the rocks to avoid them.


Today's awesome walk, 1.64 miles in 48 minutes, 4,568 steps, 104ft gain
1.64 miles in 48 minutes, 4,568 steps, 104ft gain

I almost didn't bother making the map today, but I thought it was cool that it shows the two beaches connected by my path. I must say, afternoon walks really aren't my thing. It was too warm, too bright out, and there were too many people and dogs everywhere. I'm just a morning person and there's no denying it.

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