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I was delighted to see thick, soupy fog when I glanced out the window this morning. The plan was to meet Melissa at 5:45, which would have been dark, but dark and foggy is even better. Not many photo ops for the first part, though. In fact, the first time I got the phone out for a photo was the spot where I stop each time to get a shot of the progress of the housing construction.


Speaking of which! Here's a recent blog post about the Riverside project. I had no idea there's a large portion set aside for retail, or a new park, or townhomes. I'm surprised by the retail, since there's so much empty retail in Everett right now. I can't imagine what would go there that wouldn't just take over a currently-empty spot. This will be interesting to see.

The other photo I take whenever I'm there:


One cool thing about thick fog is how all the spider webs are suddenly so visible. We ended up avoiding a lot of webs to the face on the trails thanks to the extra visibility.


Melissa spotted a branch that someone twisted into a knot. I'll try to keep track of what happens to it.


If there was any question that fall's here, it's gone.


Today's awesome walk, 5.69 miles in 1:50, 12,236 steps
5.69 miles in 1:50, 12,236 steps

This was a fun walk, though it's weird to show that area to someone for her first time when you can't see any of it. Melissa has now seen all my walk spots. The only walk I've really done much that she hasn't is the one that starts here at home and goes past Howarth Park and back. I've also started here and walked all the way around Forest Park and the greenbelt that runs South of it. I don't really care as much for walks that start at home. And I can't really explain why! A strange preference.


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