christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Sleep update

I was long overdue for a followup because I thought they'd contact me when it was time for it, but they'd told me to make an appointment. Oops. Then about a month ago, I had questions which I sent in that they never got around to contacting me about until over three weeks had passed. Today, I finally had that followup visit.

The initial study found that I had 14 or more apneas an hour, and that's now down to one or less. He's updating my pressure range from automatic (5-20cm) to 6-11. This will be nice because one of the only issues I've had was excess pressure, which woke me up with the noise the machine would make. The extra bump from 5 to 6 as the minimum should lead to even fewer apneas than the one an hour.

I had to skip my morning walk because the appointment was so early, which has made for a weird day. It just feels strange not to walk or swim on a weekday. I may do some yoga later.

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