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Oh, that's why

Lately I've been thinking about back when I was hiking up through the residential neighborhoods West of Japanese Gulch and entering on that side. I never really liked that part and couldn't remember why I was doing it so much. Well, I remembered this morning when I parked at the bottom and entered there with just a little moonlight to see by. The residential part was to give the sun a little time to come up.


That moon was bright enough that I could along the tracks pretty well. Anywhere else would have been too dark. Good to know.


Wednesday's normally a swim day but I felt like making it a walk day since I missed yesterday's. In addition to the darkness, another good reason to keep to the center and do my wet weather route even though it's not wet is that I haven't been doing hills much. Last time was when I showed Melissa Big Gulch. If I do this access road twice, it comes to just over four miles, which is ok.


Next time I might go all the way to the road that runs along the airport and re-enter by the garden, then connect back to the center via the Rusty Car trail. We'll see.


Another shot once I got back to the parking area, to show how much brighter it was.


Today's awesome walk, 4.04 miles in 1:29, 9,401 steps, 395ft gain
4.04 miles in 1:29, 9,401 steps, 395ft gain

I'm glad I have that route as an option. Good climb, never muddy, even doable in the dark. And I have the option to add any number of trails heading back if I like. Some days it's just good to keep it simple.

Oh yeah, first video in a while. The clouds were neat when I got in the car so I knew it would turn out neat.


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