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Autumn seaweed

I showed Lisa the beaches and tank farm route I like, plus we walked up through the lower portion of Japanese Gulch on the way back to the cars. As is often the case, I only grabbed a couple of photos since I had company.


September 30th is the last day Mukilteo Beach is open at 4:00am, and today it was pretty obvious why. I used my phone as a flashlight there for the first time today! Not for very long, because our eyes adjusted pretty well once we got away from all the lights. I could tell by all the smell and the slipping that there was more seaweed there than I've ever encountered before. Maybe it's for the best that I couldn't really see it. After the 30th, the beach opens at 6:30, which I think is a bit late. But I can always do a lap at the tank farm while I wait.

Today's awesome walk, 5.09 miles in 1:52, 11,792 steps, 307ft gain

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