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Clouds on clouds

It's funny to start off early and have so few photo opportunities for so much of a walk. But there are things I notice, like this damn sign. It's supposed to read "INN" but the second N has been burned out for a long time. A year? Why not turn it off until it can be fixed?


So it wasn't until I turned around to head back yesterday that I could finally start taking photos. I really like this fishing pier and am curious how busy it gets later.


There was no sunrise to see, but I could see faint hints of color on the other side of the sky.


The most color I saw all day.


I always have lots of fun with Snapchat while I'm out. In fact, I'd say I enjoy my walks in a whole new way now. They have an ever-changing selection of filters to use on faces, and I finally got it to work on a statue.


I like when it's really cloudy and there are individual clouds below the cloud cover.


Yesterday's awesome walk, 6.57 miles in 2:06, 14,030 steps
6.57 miles in 2:06, 14,030 steps

I often cut across the parking lot to get to the car, but when I saw that I'd done 3.25 miles at the turnaround point, I decided to follow my exact path back so I could get over 6.5 miles. Nice long walk to finish the week. It was raining for the last part of the walk, and I always like how rainy dashcam videos look.


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