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Creepin' on up

I definitely would have been into the idea of leaving a little later so it wouldn't be so dark during my walk, but Sam's followup visit was at 9am, and I needed to get back, take a shower, and eat breakfast first. I also wanted to brush Sam before going, too, but I couldn't find the Furminator, so that didn't happen. I set aside the time, though, so here's Boeing glowing off in the distance when I set out.


While it was still dark, I didn't listen to music, so I got a good advance warning about this plane's arrival.

Just wanted a quick trip to the top of the gulch with two times along the access road. There was quite a bit of light when I got halfway through the route.






Today's awesome walk, 4 miles in 1:22, 8,914 steps, 399ft gain
4 miles in 1:22, 8,914 steps, 399ft gain

I wasn't expecting a very interesting drive home, but I wanted to use the new phone to make a video anyway since I hadn't yet. But I see now that my YouTube upload failed, and I already deleted the file. Oh well.


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