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A triumphant return

A question I get asked sometimes that I don't have a really good answer for is, "How do you get up so early and go out and walk in the cold? I'd rather just stay in my comfy warm bed." Even now that I'm sleeping better and have an amazing new bed, I still don't want to sleep in. I'd much rather be out having adventures. Being sick all week was such a bummer, so I was glad to be about 95% better so I could head out to Langus Riverfront Park and Spencer Island, my regular Sunday spot. It was my first real opportunity to try out the new phone after worrying all week about the camera quality.



It rained on and off throughout the night, so I figured I'd start with the portion of the riverside trail that was recently closed. I noticed driving by the week before that there were no longer any signs indicating it was closed, and I'm happy to report they put down gravel. A very nice improvement to a trail I wasn't even completely sure I was allowed to be on before.


One nice thing about the new phone is the wide-angle camera. It'll take some getting used to, but it's cool. Almost like a low-effort, small panorama.


Like the last phone, it automatically goes into HDR mode in low light. I think it looks a little more obvious when it's on with this one, though.


I'm not sure it handles the zoom as well as the last one, though.


I really like how things look when I get up close.


I wouldn't have been able to get this shot if it weren't for the Cam Plus attachment. I could barely reach these leaves, and the shutter button allowed me to focus even though I couldn't see or touch the screen.


No clue why this one came out the way it did, but I like it.


Even though I wasn't going to do the island loop, I popped over to the island on a mission. This is the fern I was about to take a photo of last week when the phone died and I wanted that photo.


I love when still waters and overcast skies create these little scenes.


Yesterday's awesome walk, 5.36 miles in 1:59, 12,463 steps
5.36 miles in 1:59, 12,463 steps

I'm happy to report that I could have easily done the entire normal route with no issues. I coughed a lot, but they were good, productive coughs. Gross, I know.

I finally got to test the dashcam. So far, it doesn't look like this phone does as well as the last one with that.


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