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575 sconce

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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When everything's off by a few minutes
I left for the pool a little bit late this morning, and ended up seeing a bunch of cats on our street. At first I thought it was four cats, but what I thought was a black cat was two black kittens. Hopefully one of those other cats is taking very good care of them. Then when I got to the pool, Zoey was at the door waiting to be let out. She didn't like that I kept her waiting to get my photo, and meowed at me really loud through the door.

Zoey, demanding to be let out

When I got my card punched at the front desk, the attendant mentioned someone would be in the men's locker room with a hose to clean up. There was a CAUTION WET FLOOR sign near my regular locker and I didn't really pay attention because I figured it was just there because it was about to be hosed down. But then I nearly stepped in some blood while getting undressed. Apparently someone cut himself just before I got there. Judging by who wasn't around, I figure it might have been the guy who's always there with his wife when the pool opens that I usually end up saying good morning to. If he's not around on Wednesday, I might not know what happened for a while because my tattoo appointment is Friday and you have to wait two weeks or so after a tattoo to go swimming.

This afternoon I went to get a skin tag removed and ended up getting three extra ones I haven't really noticed taken with it. It only hurt a little bit.

And I just made dinner! Burgers on grilled pretzel buns with sharp cheddar, power blend, and a sauce I made from ketchup, mayo, and chopped pickles. Fry sauce made from ketchup and mayo for Garrett, malt vinegar for my fries. And a pickle spear for me.


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oooh, where did you find the pretzel buns?

Pretty sure it was QFC. They have a way more interesting bread section than Safeway does.

Have you decided not to continue with the vegan diet? Those burgers look delicious but it's only 7am here .... LOL!

Oh, that was half my meals and I stopped a long time ago. I did it hoping to lower my blood pressure without medication but it didn't work. :)

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