christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

When everything's off by a few minutes

I left for the pool a little bit late this morning, and ended up seeing a bunch of cats on our street. At first I thought it was four cats, but what I thought was a black cat was two black kittens. Hopefully one of those other cats is taking very good care of them. Then when I got to the pool, Zoey was at the door waiting to be let out. She didn't like that I kept her waiting to get my photo, and meowed at me really loud through the door.

Zoey, demanding to be let out

When I got my card punched at the front desk, the attendant mentioned someone would be in the men's locker room with a hose to clean up. There was a CAUTION WET FLOOR sign near my regular locker and I didn't really pay attention because I figured it was just there because it was about to be hosed down. But then I nearly stepped in some blood while getting undressed. Apparently someone cut himself just before I got there. Judging by who wasn't around, I figure it might have been the guy who's always there with his wife when the pool opens that I usually end up saying good morning to. If he's not around on Wednesday, I might not know what happened for a while because my tattoo appointment is Friday and you have to wait two weeks or so after a tattoo to go swimming.

This afternoon I went to get a skin tag removed and ended up getting three extra ones I haven't really noticed taken with it. It only hurt a little bit.

And I just made dinner! Burgers on grilled pretzel buns with sharp cheddar, power blend, and a sauce I made from ketchup, mayo, and chopped pickles. Fry sauce made from ketchup and mayo for Garrett, malt vinegar for my fries. And a pickle spear for me.


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