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Afternoons just aren't where it's at
After discovering that the route to Pigeon Creek Beach can be a little bit sketchy in the morning because you end up encountering a lot of sleeping people, I suggested to Kristen that we go over there in the afternoon sometime. Today was our fourth attempt at a walk to that beach and it finally happened. Unfortunately, we cut out half of the route I wanted to do because it was raining a lot and I was the only one prepared for that. But at least we finally got there. No reason to show the map, it's just a line from the parking area to the beach and back. Before we set out for that, she brought over plants and replanted the right side of our garden for me. The herb side just wasn't working out as well, so now there are plants in both halves.

Vertical garden update

Oh and we went to lunch before the walk. Just a quick trip to the cheesy neighborhood buffet. But I love that place.

I originally thought I should walk this morning and just have two walks today, but didn't do it. Now I wish I had, as my total for the day isn't even two miles. Mornings are the best time and from now on I'm just never going to assume that an afternoon walk is worth skipping the morning one for. I might end up with a huge total for the day, but that doesn't really bother me.