christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

That last 5% always lingers

It's weird how I can feel most of the way better for as long as I felt really sick, or even longer. There's just a bit of stuffiness and sinus pain, and that's not enough to stop me from swimming and walking, but I'm ready for it to go away. Today's swim was my last for a while, though, since I've got that tattoo appointment in two days. I'm almost positive that the gentleman I usually say hi to is the one who cut himself Monday, since he wasn't there again today, and Monday and today are the only two times I can remember not seeing him and his wife there since I started this new schedule.

I got out of the pool a few minutes after sunrise, and found this cloud rainbow in the Western sky when I came out of the swim center.


Not much else is going on today. I may finish my binge watch of The Real World: Key West. I didn't know anything about this season before I started watching it, and it's a pretty interesting one. The season starts right when Hurricane Katrina hit, so rather than meeting right away, the cast is shown hiding out in hotels that are falling apart and flooding. And it doesn't stop there. The cast has to leave town because of other storms, twice so far, and in the episode I'm on now, they didn't go far enough. The hotel they're on the 14th floor of is being torn apart by wind as they try to escape the upper floors, but they can't leave for fear of electrocution. Seeing this level of destruction somewhere other than the news is fascinating, especially since they're also all dealing with their own problems and interpersonal issues. One cast member is anorexic and finally starts therapy during the show for her rage issues. It's a lot to take in. Especially once her abusive ex-boyfriend who put her in the hospital drives through that hurricane to meet up with her.

Of course another thing to consider is the crew that's also going through all of this, but has to catch it all on video.

The weather's turned much colder, which I like, but suddenly this week I realized something. I like to keep my bedroom really cold, and that's also where I keep most of my air plants. In addition to the temperature concern, there's not much sunlight to take advantage of. My window faces West, and there's a huge hill across the street. I think I'll get some artificial sunlight bulbs and turn them on during the day.

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