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575 sconce

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New ink
I'll post about today's walk tomorrow, but here's what I did this afternoon.


Jimmy at Lion's Paw Tattoo is really awesome. He drew this directly on me, first as a layout with pale-colored sharpies, then with a pen to define the specific lines. He even re-did the tail partway through because he had a better idea for it. I'm so glad my friend Stephanie referred him and I'm looking forward to starting the shading on Halloween.

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Wow - that's impressive! How long did that take?

The actual tattooing was about two hours and 15 minutes. I got to the shop early for my 1pm appointment at 12:45 and left at 4:30 or so. We spent a while planning it out. I came prepared to pay for three hours of tattooing time but only had to pay for two. We stopped here because the outline was completely done and there wasn't a good way to start the shading and stop in 45 minutes.

Fuck, I fucking love it.

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