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Friday morning
Knowing that it's going to be dark and stay dark for a while is somewhat liberating. Rather than trying to time it so I see the sunrise, I can just resign myself to being out in the dark the whole time, and leave as soon as I want. That's not appropriate for every walking spot I go to, but the waterfront's one where it's totally fine.


You can't tell in my photos, but it was a very windy morning. Made for lots of loud, strange Snapchat videos.


Apparently they've got the power turned on at the yacht club.


There may have been a bit of a sunrise to see if there wasn't so much cloud cover.


A new thing in our county is people painting rocks and leaving them around for people to find. This is the second one I've seen.


And here's the third. I brought this one home with me. There's a happy cat on this side and a grumpy one on the other side. I'll take good photos later.


Yesterday's awesome walk, 5.11 miles in 1:39, 10,997 steps
5.11 miles in 1:39, 10,997 steps

I didn't go quite as far as I normally do. A news van went by me as I got closer to main road and I was curious to see if they were really setting up or just pulling off the road. I think they did their broadcast from there based on the lighting I saw, but thankfully they didn't try to talk to me. I hate being on the news.

Here's the video from the drive home. Best one so far with this phone.

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I really love the cat rock. So cute!

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