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A Sunday on a Monday

Since I wasn't happy about missing out on my normal Sunday spot yesterday, and can't go swimming for the time being, I headed out there today instead. I got there quite early, and it was very dark.


Of course, there was more light in some areas than others. When you're close to where I started, there's the water treatment plant, then when you move on, there are parts where you see city lights off in the distance. Varying amounts of cloud cover make for varying levels of light.


I walked the paved path, and it was far too dark to cross over to the island when I got there, so I doubled back on the paved path, and then turned around and did it a third time. That killed enough time. It's really easy to walk the paved path when it's dark without worrying about slipping or tripping on anything, or stepping on any slugs, but you need to be able to see when you're off the pavement.


The water was really low again today.


I often think about death when I'm walking this stretch of path. That's Everett's only major hospital off in the distance, so I always think about the fact that any major illnesses or deaths in my family stand a good chance of happening there. Thankfully they're still with us, but we've already spent time at the hospital during scares with Garrett's dad and grandmother. Not that I'm being overly morbid or death obsessed, it's just something that happens when I see the place. One weird aspect of life in a small city.


On the last stretch of the walk, I decided I'd do a couple of comparison shots with the regular lens and the wide-angle one.



Today's awesome walk, 7.25 miles in 2:13, 15,137 steps
7.25 miles in 2:13, 15,137 steps

I was a bit surprised to see by the time I got back to the car that I'd already gone over seven miles! It's been a long time since I went as far on a weekday morning, and don't even have too many Sunday ones that long these days. Turns out when it's pitch black out, I can go really fast and cover a lot of ground.

One of the reasons I decided to go ahead and go to the island today in spite of my reservation about the highway merge with traffic on the way back was that I found an alternate route yesterday on my way back from Marysville. By going a little further North, I can double back and enter using my very own lane! No merging, no problems. Another cool thing, when I was confirming this route on the map, I found another park. I couldn't find much info, and its trails don't show up on the map, but judging by the satellite view, it looks like you can walk .9 miles out, for nearly two miles out and back. I drove to the parking area today, but someone was already parked there and I'd already enjoyed so much solitude, plus it was getting late. I'll probably walk it on my way home this Sunday.

I'm looking forward to it. There was a heron right there by the parking lot when I turned around. I don't generally see them by where people are parking.


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