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In the dark, but not alone
I waited as long as I could stand to, but it was still pitch black when I started my climb at Japanese Gulch today. That's to be expected for quite a while now, as it'll stay dark later and later until Daylight Saving Time ends in five or so weeks, then the process begins again until the solstice on December 21. I can deal, though. Following the railroad tracks up is easy no matter how dark it's been when I've been there, because the gravel alongside it is consistent. Well-maintained. Tracks have to be. Trails don't. Sometimes I think about carrying a flashlight but it seems like it's easier to just let my eyes dilate fully. I think I'll get a small one to keep in my bag, though, because if there were some sort of emergency I might need to be able to see better.

I was surprised on my way up to see someone heading down on the center trail below me using a flashlight. It may have even been a headlamp judging by the look of it. Last year I used to see someone who jogged up wearing one, and it may well be the same person. Just after that, when I got to the point where the tracks and the trail converge, I looked back out of habit and saw that someone was coming up on a bike. Turns out it was a guy I've been seeing a lot lately, usually as I'm heading back down. He's clearly on his way to work and has to go at the same time, so I saw him earlier on my walk because I left later.

The light arrived as I did my two passes on the access road at the top that I like. I love how the trees lean in so much because of the wide-angle lens.


There's a strange little utility box rusting away on a pole at the end of that road. The light today was perfect for a good photo of it.


On my way down, I had a hard time getting good photos of the trees. The light was beautiful, but didn't really translate too well on the screen. But maybe I should have hit the shutter anyway, as I thought this one was going to turn out much different than it did.


Today's awesome walk, 4.1 miles in 1:24, 9,104 steps, 404ft gain
4.1 miles in 1:24, 9,104 steps, 404ft gain

It almost feels pointless to post the map when I do this route since I've done it so many times. But I'm a completist that way.

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You obviously have no fear of being out in the dark, but does the potential danger ever occur to you?

It's not quite accurate to say I have no fear at all. I don't put my earbuds in when I first head out in the dark, but more importantly, I choose destinations I feel are extremely safe. In terms of people I might encounter, I don't worry at this place at all, and as far as physical hazards go, that's why I stay off the trails until I can see them.

There are some good walks available to me if I set out on foot from home that I never do just because of the people I don't want to run into. And the cars.

The joke I make about some of my main areas is that the primary danger is dying of boredom.

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