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Skipping the pool while my tattoo heals has been weird. When Thursday rolled around, I totally forgot that's my normal day at the tank farm and went over to Lowell instead. It was quite dark, but I still took my normal photo of the progress of the construction in the riverside development.


And of course, the other spot where I always stop.


Yesterday's awesome walk, 4.47 miles in 1:25, 9,498 steps
4.47 miles in 1:25, 9,498 steps

It was surprising to read that they're setting aside the area West of the Northernmost part of that route as future retail. There's so much empty retail in Everett right now. I suppose there are a lot of retailers who would only consider moving into new buildings, though. Even so, there's some existing retail that should probably be torn down, specifically the gigantic K-Mart that's been empty for a couple of years now. I still haven't thought of a good business to move in there that we don't already have within a few miles.

Friday became the day to go to the tank farm, and again, it was quite dark.


Today's awesome walk, 4.32 miles in 1:32, 9,820 steps
4.32 miles in 1:32, 9,820 steps

This week has seen some annoying house-related issues. The first was that the heated floors upstairs didn't come on when the weather turned cold. Certainly not an emergency, but they're nice, and they're the only heat source in the dining room/kitchen and the master bath suite. Garrett's office is part of that suite, so it'd be pretty annoying for him if it wasn't fixed. I made the mistake of calling one of the more well-known plumbing services in the region, thinking they were successful because they do good work. The technician's diagnosis was completely wrong. He said the gas control on the water heater would need to be replaced, for about $2,000, but since it's an older unit, it'd be better to replace it completely with a new one, with circulators, for over $6,000, but that it would be best to replace it with a high-efficiency one for over $10,000.

Obviously I would be getting a second opinion. I found a small family business that got good reviews and the guy diagnosed the issue with me over the phone. The gas control wasn't broken, it was displaying an error message which indicated the igniter needed replacing. He came over promptly the next day and fixed it for less than the first company charged me for the bad diagnosis. Plus the first company told me they'd arrive between 2 and 5pm, but didn't arrive until almost 7pm. I've contacted their customer relations manager and asked for my money back, hopefully I'll hear from him tomorrow. The boys are very happy the floors are back on.

Yes, the heated floors have been turned on. Why do you ask?

Just before the good water heater tech left, the police walked up the driveway to let me know there were intruders in the empty house next door, but they were gone by the time they got there, and that the side door isn't secure. I confirmed this, the deadbolt's gone and anyone can just push the door open. I got on Zillow and sent a message to the agent who is listed as the foreclosure agent, and asked him to come secure the property. He didn't answer right away, but he subscribed me to his email list. Then he texted me asking if I was interested in buying a house. I replied reminding him that my message was about the property needing to be secured, then while I was cooking lunch yesterday, someone from his office left me a voice mail saying I should contact whichever agent is on the sign in front. Well, there's no sign, because it's a foreclosure. Some of the sites indicate there's a pending offer, so maybe it won't matter soon.

This morning I didn't want to get out too early, because after my normal trip to Langus Riverfront Park, I wanted to check out Union Slough Park. That one has gates so getting there too early--or even right on time--isn't an option. Today was the first time I ever saw two other vehicles where I park, and I saw them get out and walk with dogs, but I never encountered them or anyone else the whole time I was there.


These trees look like they're leaning because of the wide-angle lens. The ones in the lower photo are actually leaning, possibly due to last night's storm, which thankfully wasn't the huge storm they predicted it would become.


It took me until today to realize it might be permissible to walk here. There's no sign saying not to, at least. I wouldn't want to walk there during hunting season since it's directly across from the hunting area and in the line of fire, but it might be nice the rest of the year. After I finish this, I'll email to ask if it's part of the trail system.


I briefly saw the moon and barely got this photo before it was swallowed up by clouds.


On all of the bushes all along the river, I only saw one flower.


Here's a glimpse of sky I saw before it got really cold, wet, and windy.


Today's awesome walk, 5.27 miles in 1:40, 11,223 steps
5.27 miles in 1:40, 11,223 steps

I stayed off the island since it'd been raining for two days and I knew I'd get really wet if I did. I don't mind getting a little wet but I prefer it to be at the end of the walk. Good thing, since the trail over at Union Slough is grassy.


It was a nice place, but the proximity to the highway makes it loud. Thank goodness for earbuds.


It's a nice place, but I won't go every week or anything.


Today's awesome bonus walk, 2.15 miles in 46 minutes, 4,950 steps
2.15 miles in 46 minutes, 4,950 steps

I got the mail as I drove out of the neighborhood, and I'm happy to report that these beer coozies and shirt I ordered a while back arrived. The sale benefits Girls Rock Camp Gainesville.

Awesome shirt and coozies, the sale benefits Girls Rock Camp Gainesville.

Tomorrow's a busy work day so I think I'll either walk in the afternoon so I can see stuff, or stay in and do yoga.


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