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A new path

I knew when I got up today that I'd work through until my noon call and then have an afternoon walk. The sprint goes better if I start testing the deployment and get as much done as I can ahead of the call. It was especially good that I did it today, because I uncovered several deployment errors and it had to be reapplied. That made me lose all my work in the system, but I document everything I do thoroughly, so it won't be hard to recreate everything. At about 9:45, I heard back from the parks department, and they confirmed that people are allowed to walk on the road I asked about! Awesome news.


It was a very awesome, stormy day. The video of the drive home would have been amazing if I didn't accidentally delete it. Oops.


I don't know if it's due to the time of year or the time of day, but I saw more birds today over there than I ever have.


There's not much fall color left, but I saw a little.


Today's awesome walk, 5.2 miles in 1:48, 11,637 steps
5.2 miles in 1:48, 11,637 steps

That road I followed for the first time today is about 1.25 miles, so it adds another 2.5 or so to the possibilities there. Now I could easily do over nine if I feel like it. Nice to have that option.

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