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Freaky Friday
I didn't think I'd ever been to the pool on a Friday morning, but I just checked the workout calendar and the most recent one was in July. Either way, it's rare. But I have until Halloween to swim as much as I want. I'll do three for sure, maybe four. It was nice to get back there today. The gentleman who I figured was the one who got cut that time was there, so I asked, but it wasn't him. He and his wife were in Arizona.


Today was my first day with a new swimsuit. It's a Speedo brand squarecut one, which I paid $26 for on Amazon. That's about twice as much as I paid for the one before it, but it's a much higher quality suit. The best part is that it has a drawstring and strong elastic in the leg holes, so it didn't ride up or roll down. It's a much snugger fit than the one I've been using, but not so much as to be annoying.

I've got quite a few new swimsuits waiting to be rotated into service. Basically I'm holding extended auditions to find my absolute favorite and once I find that, hopefully it'll be available for a long time. I'm going through a similar process with jockstraps for use while walking, but there's no need to go into detail about those. :)

I didn't have much I needed to pick up, but still ended up going to two grocery stores on the way home from the pool. At QFC, I went to the detergent aisle for my final item, some liquid Gain detergent. They had powder. They had pods. No liquid. So I popped into Safeway, too. The weird side room at QFC that they sometimes put seasonal stuff in had tons of pumpkins. You can only see half here.


Lots of interesting cloud activity this morning.


This isn't the best photo because I took it last night when it was dark out, but I really like the current setup with these two magnets. Both of these plants are from a shipment I got this week.

Color coordinated.

Oddly enough, that shop didn't have a specific plant I was looking for on their website, but they did on Amazon, so I ordered from the same company two different places on Saturday. Oddly enough, the Amazon ones aren't arriving until today, even though it was a Prime order and should have already been here. Hope they aren't too angry about being boxed up for so long.

Garrett's flight home tonight is already delayed. I wish I would have known earlier, because my friend I had dinner plans with this evening asked to move our dinner from 5 to 6pm. If I knew Garrett's flight was delayed, I would have agreed, but instead, I suggested rescheduling. But that's a better option anyway, as she has a big work project that fell on her lap today. Things like that have a tendency to go long.

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I like the air plants in those magnets. Are the magnets hollow or have you stuck the plants into them? I must get some magnets and put some of mine on show in the kitchen. They are all in the main bathroom and I tend not to us that bathroom very often so I forget about them.

These are hollow and have a pretty decent-sized hole in them. I can't easily tell if either of these ship to the UK, but here are two links.

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