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Duck Season!

I joked recently about having to worry about getting shot by hunters on my Sunday walk, but it was definitely a joke because I've never seen more than one hunter out there before. Apparently duck hunting is the hot new thing this year. Two trucks were waiting at the parking area for the sun to come up, and when I got back to the car, the entire parking area was full, and a big group of hunters with two dogs was heading out. I haven't found the dates for the season yet, but I'm really not looking forward to all the gunshots. I was surprised I only heard one today. Still a nice day, though.


I really like my new road over there. Always something new to see.


There aren't any trees along that road, so there are great unobstructed views.


I don't take 360-degree photos very often, but I felt like getting one from the middle of this bridge today to see how weird it would turn out.


Turns out, it did a pretty good job! (click it to view properly on flickr)


The fall colors along the river were really amazing today.


Even the parking lot there is gorgeous.


But we've reached the time of year where a lot of the scenery is dying off.


And of course the power lines had to be in the way during this "heavens opening up" scene.


Today's awesome walk, 7.5 miles in 2:40, 17,009 steps
7.5 miles in 2:40, 17,009 steps

I really love that the new (to me) road lets me get this much distance in without going over to the island. I love the island, but most days this time of year, it's really wet. Maybe next week I'll do the entire thing. Except the hunting trail.


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