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More weekend, please

Just yesterday I was thinking about how I've reached the age where lots of artists I never got to see in concert when I was younger are starting to pop up for me to finally see. Book of Love and Donna Summer are recent examples. I also recently saw Duran Duran, and it wasn't my first one, but I honestly can't remember anything about that time, even though it was a huge stadium show with The Cranberries opening! With today's news about Pete Burns dying at age 57, I'm thankful to report that I not only saw Dead or Alive back in the '90s in Albuquerque, but that it was an excellent show that I remember a lot of. Burns was the type of performer who always seemed to be standing in the spotlight in front of a fan, even if neither were around. And I think Rip It Up is one of the best albums ever recorded. Are there many that are mixed from beginning to end like that?

I still think it's naive to view 2016 as an especially-tragic year. The world of celebrity and fame has grown larger each year and we've all become more immersed in it, and this year is probably going to be a good example of the new normal. I'd love to be proved wrong, though.

I just heard about Pete Burns right when I was getting ready to post about my otherwise-uneventful day.

I got to the pool a little bit late because I was seven minutes away from the end of the episode of LKTV I was listening to, and it made more sense to keep listening because those episodes are downloads from Patreon (instead of a regular podcast) and if I listen all the way through, I don't have to find the file in iTunes again later. It was still dark when I got there, and I'm surprised to see that the trees looked even more true to their real colors in this picture than they did to my naked eye.


My swim was nice. The soundtrack was Lip Locked 363, which had some very solid tracks. Here's one I liked enough to track down using Shazam.

I could tell there was a pretty cool sunrise going on when I left even though I couldn't personally see it.


And here's some scary Halloween decor. Pretty sad to see in front of a house with two young girls.

Scary Halloween decor


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