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The thing I really like about the waterfront is that I can go as early as I want. Well-lit, super safe. I planned to go quite early today, but on my way upstairs, I remembered that with company on the way over Sunday, I stowed my gear in the master bath. It normally hangs in the main bath, but it's definitely too stinky to leave in there if someone other than me is going to use that bathroom. I didn't want to wake Garrett up, so I waited until he came down for coffee, another 45 minutes or so. Not a big deal, I still got out and back in plenty of time.

When I got there, a boat was at the first dock I always see, which is almost always empty.


I've complained before about the INN neon sign that reads IN because a letter is burnt out. It still is, but today I noticed another of their signs has a whole word burnt out.


I love a marina in the dark. It's almost like looking down on the lights of Albuquerque from the mountain, but with the scale completely out of whack.


Another interesting lunch special.


Today's awesome walk, 5 miles in 1:32, 10,468 steps
5 miles in 1:32, 10,468 steps

I was really annoyed when I got to point A to find that my path was blocked by a construction staging area. Turns out I managed to miss a sign. Could have been a better sign, and placed more prominently.


A few small pups have dislodged from my butzii clump. For now I'm keeping them with my largest plants. That pink glow is from my grow lamps.


Had lunch with Barbara today. One of her cats, Drama, was being particularly coy for the camera today.

Drama says hi.

And I came home with a treat. It's been a couple of years since I had any Vegemite and I'm really in the mood for some.

It's been too long.


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