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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Beach within reach
I love my Thursday routine. Except for having to take the trash and recycling out. But the walk beforehand is always fun. I can't find an official opening time for the tank farm and nearby beach, but I don't park there, so it doesn't matter. The only restriction is that I can't park in my normal spot before 4:30. And that's fine. I'm not even through my first cup of coffee at 4:30. Today's walk started at about 5:45, which is about an hour before dawn, and two before sunrise. Lots of time in the dark. Not too many photo ops, but I still get to have fun.

The official opening time at the other beach is 6:30 now, and I wasn't even sure if I'd go over there today, but after my third lap around the farm, I saw a truck full of maintenance workers turn onto the road that leads there, possibly on their way to use leaf blowers in the parking lot. I've walked by them and it was unpleasant. The sky was starting to brighten, so I turned around and went over to the other beach. As I was leaving, two different joggers took my place there, so the timing was good.

Today's awesome walk, 5.7 miles in 1:54, 12,489 steps, 230ft gain
5.7 miles in 1:54, 12,489 steps, 230ft gain

I've never seen a cat down there, but one was chilling near my car when I left. I would have gone to say hi but I was worried I'd startle it and it'd fall into the water.


I had an interesting breakfast today. I love Vegemite, but haven't had any in ages until this morning. This is half an onion bagel with cream cheese and Vegemite, zesty dill spear, cottage cheese with Bacon Salt. It's been a long time since I had Vegemite, and it was awesome. I also normally buy kosher instead of zesty, and it was indeed a zesty spear. Garrett and I both happened to buy cottage cheese yesterday, so I'll probably be eating way more of it than normal.


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I love marmite which is similar to vegemite (but better). It's lovely with cottage cheese.

While I'm here - is your Ring mains powered? Ours is using the rechargeable battery which is only lasting about a month (not the 6 months advertised!). We are a bit concerned how quickly the battery is draining. I've turned off motion alerts and have it at the minimum distance but it still drains quicker than I'd like.

I hooked mine up to the house power using the wiring that the old doorbell hooked up to. It's a bummer to hear the battery life is so bad!

I've also had Marmite, and like it, but prefer Vegemite. But it's also been a really long time and I should try Marmite again. I need to try Nigella's noodle recipe.

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