christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Spoopy Sunday

One of my favorite things about my regular Sunday spot is when I pull in and find fog. Oftentimes, there isn't any at all on the way, then I turn the corner and bam! It's fun. It was a touch dark when I got there, but still very cool.


Thankfully it wasn't very eventful. I only heard one gunshot the whole time I was there. May as well let the photos speak for themselves. I took a lot more, so check over at flickr if you care to.


I was there long enough for the sun to rise up over the clouds and got to see the fall colors lit brilliantly.


Today's awesome walk, 7.2 miles in 2:32, 16,252 steps
7.2 miles in 2:32, 16,252 steps

After I got back, we had a lovely brunch at Harvey's and now we're finally watching season 2 of The Comeback. I'm on a Lisa Kudrow kick this week. I rented The Opposite of Sex meaning to rent Happy Endings, then actually rented Happy Endings. She's so great.


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