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There and there again

Got a message on Facebook yesterday from one of my oldest friends. Our families lived on the same street until we moved the summer before kindergarten, but I can't remember for sure if I we knew each other then. We were in the same classes a lot after that, though. Funnily enough, I was looking at the photo of my new tattoo on Tuesday and realizing all the freckles on that arm came from the major sunburn I got that time he and I went to the water park and I only put sunscreen on once the whole day. And here he was in my messenger a day later. He was in Seattle for the night and wondered if I wanted to come down for dinner. I answered honestly that I really don't like going down, but thankfully he had a rental car and said he'd come up. I offered to buy dinner for his trouble.

We had a really nice visit. It'd been 20 years or so, and while we keep in touch online, it's definitely not the same as a visit. We went to Arnie's and I showed him Edgewater Beach as the last of the evening light was disappearing. And then I was there again this morning, as it's my usual Thursday spot.


After three laps around the tank farm, I was hemming an hawing about whether I should go over to the other beach. Just then, another walker emerged from the darkness going the other direction, so I decided to head over. The timing wasn't great and I had to wait for the ferry traffic for a bit, but the view was good while I waited.


The light was great on the way to the beach, but ultimately I couldn't do much there.


The tide was pretty high, and I saw some activity up ahead, so I came back up off the beach onto the paved path. Just then, I heard a seal barking, really loudly. I walked over to a little hill and tried to get a look at it, but couldn't see it. So I walked away and heard it again, went back, couldn't see it, rinse, repeat. My guess is that the people I saw were either the Seal Sitters or called them and were waiting for them to cordon the area off. I didn't feel like causing any issues, so I left.

Today's awesome walk, 5 miles in 1:45, 11,227 steps, 181ft gain
5 miles in 1:45, 11,227 steps, 181ft gain

The cloud cover was thick and moving fast enough to see with the naked eye, so I made a video on the way home.


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