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Let there be light

Spending so much time at my walking spots that are good in the dark has meant I haven't been doing much climbing, and I wanted a good climb today, so I went over to Japanese Gulch. For the first time ever, I decided to bring a flashlight. I've got tons of these little keychain lights because I sell items made from them in my shop.


I'm glad the keyring fits on my finger perfectly so it's handy but not a burden. I only used it a couple of times, once right when I started to I could avoid the puddles at the bottom, then up at the top when I transitioned from the tracks to the path that leads over to the access road. It was still quite dark, even after I did my first trip to the end of the access road and back.


I wanted a full five miles, so I did a little math and realized I'd need three more full trips to the end of the access road and back, which was fine. It's a good place to be in the dark; no hazards, save for the occasional small branch. When it came time to head back down, I walked over to the road for a look at the Boeing plant, figuring it was a good time to get shots to compare the regular lens and the wide-angle one.


The light on the way down was pleasant. There were people at the dog park, but I didn't see anyone until I got down there.


Today's awesome walk, 5ish miles in 1:47, 11,965 steps, 461ft gain
5ish miles in 1:47, 11,965 steps, 461ft gain

I called the distance "5ish" because that loop near mile 4 didn't actually happen. Big GPS glitch, the likes of which I haven't seen in a while. I could see there was a nice sunset I was missing off to the East. I got this picture and a video on the way home, but really should have stopped at Harborview Park on the way for photos. But that would have interrupted the video.


I'm mostly mentioning it to try to remember, I need to try making the video in the Hyperlapse app instead of using Autoboy and then importing into Hyperlapse. Hopefully I'll get better results that way.

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