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What a relief

It was so nice to go to my normal Sunday spot and already have light before I even got around the first turn in the path.



It was the kind of morning that's really beautiful, but hard to get dramatic pictures of.


A bit of the sunrise broke through, though. That was nice.


Today's awesome walk, 7.36 miles in 2:32, 16,442 steps
7.36 miles in 2:32, 16,442 steps

I don't normally share the map so early in the post, but I wanted to show that this route had something totally new. Normally I turn back around mile 3, but today the gates on the road heading East were open, so I went that way. I was expecting to find a dead end, but I ended up connecting back on the path I'd been on, walking past a closed gate from behind. So the path I've been curious about, that's closed, was open today if you approached from the other direction.

After that, I went to the island for the first time since I discovered the new path. I'm not sure it's really worth it until spring. My feet got wet and there weren't many things to take photos of. This was cute, though.


It was weird to cross this bridge without having a Snow White experience with the little birds. Guess they're gone for the year.


At the end of the bridge, I found this box. Never heard of this, guess it's kinda like geocaching but with stamps to collect.

Geocaching for the scrapbook crowd?

Today was supposed to be the first video of the drive home recording directly from Hyperlapse instead of importing into it. It froze seven minutes in, though. Probably just as well, since it is more of a wide-angle view than Autoboy is, and no matter how far I slid it over in the mount, the mount was visible in the video. But I'll still try again.



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