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One thing that's handy about working from home is that it's really easy to make appointments for stuff around the house. I called Geek Squad about our refrigerator Sunday evening, and secured an appointment window for today from 8am-noon, which was perfect. Enough time after to do whatever I want for lunch and then go meet Garrett's cousin for an afternoon walk before Garrett can join us at her new place for dinner. Well, the repair guy called this morning and said I'd hear from him this afternoon. So there's no way to know until he actually leaves if there will be time for that afternoon walk. I'm pretty realistic about these things now, so I didn't take the afternoon walk for granted. I even left really early for my walk this morning, so I could be back and showered just in case I happened to get the repair guy's first call of the day. So even if the afternoon one doesn't work out, I got my miles in.


Not sure how to explain it, but I saw a lot of people this morning. It may have been due to the end of Daylight Saving Time, but another possibility is that there's a regular, early flurry of activity each morning before I get there. I always imagine myself as the first one everywhere I go, but of course I could be wrong.

To put it in perspective, I saw seven or eight people and four or five dogs, as opposed to one or two of each.


That special sounds pretty good, and if it wasn't for the refrigerator repair, I might go try it. The food situation around here's pretty frustrating at the moment. Garrett moved most of the refrigerator stuff downstairs, but it's all in bags and I don't feel like digging through those, so I'm eating frozen and pantry stuff. Since we went out for our anniversary dinner last night and today's plan suddenly became a dinner plan, we need to do three Blue Apron meals in a row Wednesday-Friday. It'll be delicious, but also a lot of work. Oh well.


I mentioned that part of the walking path is closed due to construction, this crane is now in use there.


This is near where my walks begin and end. One of my favorite spots for a photo.

Today's awesome walk, 5.2 miles in 1:34, 10,785 steps
5.2 miles in 1:34, 10,785 steps

Hopefully today's mileage total will be over 8 miles. We'll see.

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