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Yesterday's afternoon walk was canceled due to a last-minute work thing Becky got, but she still had us over for a nice housewarming dinner. Her new place is nice, and very convenient to the park I was going to take her to. I was exhausted when we left, and went to bed as soon as we got home. But then I made the mistake of checking my phone. I really thought Hillary would be way ahead of Trump, but that wasn't the case at all, and neither had 270 electoral votes yet. I tried to sleep, but my heart was racing and using the CPAP felt like SCUBA diving because my chest was so heavy. I checked again a couple more times, and finally saw that Trump won.

I'm so glad I recently saw an article saying that laying down in bed with your eyes closed--even if you don't sleep--is still much better than just getting up. I might have gotten a few hours of sleep, but I doubt it. I haven't had such a sleepless night since my mom died, which is when I decided bad news can wait until the morning because otherwise you're too exhausted to deal with it. And I'd been expecting to see good news when I checked my phone.

Melissa and I were supposed to walk this morning, but she canceled. That worked out because I had a project that would take a few hours to complete. I jumped into that, sent it off with my notes, and went out for a late walk. I wasn't even really concerned if someone noticed I was gone; it was a mental health break. And it all worked out. I didn't hear from anyone while I was gone, and I answered a few other things this afternoon, both before and after I went over to the Asian buffet for lunch.

I didn't realize how much the sky had wept today, and was surprised by how much mud I found at the gulch. And I couldn't walk along the tracks because it was late, and I don't know what time they start using them. So I walked in the mud.

I really wasn't in the mood for photos, so I just did a little bit of documentation. I've talked about this stream that's formed in the center of the gulch. It reduces the mud by stopping the water from spreading all the way across, but now it's getting wider. Hopefully it won't turn into some sort of new problem.


And of course I like to get a photo when I'm done looking across the dog park.


Today's awesome walk, 3.7 miles in 1:09, 7,810 steps, 402ft gain
3.7 miles in 1:09, 7,810 steps, 402ft gain

Still haven't found a good Hyperlapse alternative, but I like today's video. The raindrops are cool. Last night has definitely caught up with me. Currently I'm watching The Neon Demon, but I hope I doze off.


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