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Surprise Skies

I really like my Thursdays at the tank farm, though there's always a sense of dread when I leave because it's garbage/recycling/yard waste day. I decided recently that I'd move air plant bath day and CPAP cleaning day to Thursday to stack it all up, mainly so I wouldn't have to devote any time on Saturday to put the the plants back in their places once they're dry. I didn't actually get around to the CPAP stuff today, but the plants are drying happily as we speak. As for the walk, it's almost as though I was rewarded for today's new chore routine with an amazing walk.


It was definitely a "too many great photos" kind of day, click over to flickr for more.


A little early for this decor, but I'll allow it.


There were way too many people out and about, but I liked the evidence I found of some earlier visitors.


I'm always glad that I can take the time to enjoy the sights.

The wide-angle lens came in very handy today.


Nice to still seem some color around the concrete.


Today's awesome walk, 4.7 miles in 1:49, 11,293 steps
4.7 miles in 1:49, 11,293 steps

I was in a hurry when I got home to get the garbage/recycling/yard waste out to the street, shower, and eat some breakfast, so I could get over to the barber shop when it opened. I've decided I was long overdue for a new hairstyle and got a hard part. I'm going to grow the top out so that the length goes all the way across, like George McFly.

New 'do

I had lunch in Marysville and saw Doctor Strange in 3D. It was awesome. The sky was still neat, so I turned on the dashcam. Since I was driving in one direction for so long, this one is twice as fast as I normally do them, 32x instead of 16x.


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