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Talking the walk
Walks with friends are interesting because I don't have my music, and I generally feel like the beats are what really keep me going. Plus I take very few photos and videos since it's pretty rude to keep making someone stop. But it's not hard or boring. The time goes by pretty quickly and the company is always nice. That's great to experience once in a while since I don't see friends all that often.

Today was the first time with Melissa back at Langus since I started walking on the new road there and I was excited to show it to her. Of course there wasn't much to see for a while. But our timing was good when the amazing, dark sunrise started.


And we also got a nice, long look in that direction as we doubled back.


Today's awesome walk, 7.6 miles in 2:18, 15,732 steps
7.6 miles in 2:18, 15,732 steps

It definitely flew by and I had an awesome time. And since I picked her up, there wasn't any waiting around for either of us, which was nice.

Unfortunately, the part that was shipped for the refrigerator repair guy to use was the wrong one. The label on the bag had the correct part number, but the wrong type of part was inside. It was something for a dryer. He won't be back until Tuesday. Here's Sam right when the guy told me, and he looks as disappointed as I felt.

He just heard the fridge won't be fixed until Tuesday.

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Interesting that the time went quickly as that's one of your longer distances isn't it?

Sam is so cute - give him a squish from me :)

It's definitely long for what I'm currently doing. Right now I prefer to do 5+ miles, and keep it close to 5 or 6 on weekdays so I can get back to work. I like to get a couple more in on Sundays since there are no work obligations, and yesterday's was a lot more like a Sunday generally is.

When we lived in Seattle I was going much farther on Sundays mainly because there were places further away from home that I wanted to see and I could easily grab a bus or car2go back home. The geography here doesn't lend itself much to the extra distance and I also don't feel the need to push myself as much if, for example, it'll just mean covering the same area twice.

Edited at 2016-11-12 02:28 pm (UTC)

Here's my longest walk ever, 14.54 miles and it took me four hours and nine minutes. Time is another reason not to go that far. :)

Today's awesome walk, 14.54 miles in 4:09

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