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Dry feet are happy feet

When I was out with Melissa on Friday, I decided it was time to dump that pair of shoes. I got this picture today before they went in the trash, and figured out from older posts how far they went. 357 miles since July 19th. Not bad! I've gone farther with shoes, and I blame their premature death on all the time I've spend on the rocky beach in Mukilteo.

New shoes/old shoes. The old ones lasted 357 miles, which I walked since July 19.

Today's walk was really nice, but there wasn't much to see or take pictures of. In fact, I saw a flower I took a picture of a week ago. What are the odds that you'd spot a specific flower, a week later, on a long walk? The sunrise was subtle and fast.


The cloud cover was cool. It had a fun, sci-fi texture.


Today's awesome walk, 7.55 miles in 2:24, 16,063 steps
7.55 miles in 2:24, 16,063 steps

I was pretty close to trying to break my Everett distance record today, which is 9.4 miles. But I also wanted to do it with dry feet, and ended up sinking into the marsh by the bird viewing areas today. And I was hungry. So maybe in a week I'll eat a real breakfast before heading out instead of just having a snack in the car. I've already determined that I can go as far as I want to at the park without getting my feet wet, so as long as the weather permits, I'm looking forward to breaking that record.

And of course, I love a rainy dashcam video.


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