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The weather we're known for

I don't complain when it rains here and don't understand people who do. It'd be like complaining that Phoenix is hot. It's a defining characteristic. The only weather I won't exercise in is snow, and thankfully we don't get much of that. Which isn't to say I won't adjust my plans if it rains. I was originally going to do the waterfront today, but wind and rain down there didn't sound like much fun, so I went to Lowell, which is less exposed. There was enough rain overnight that the waterfall that's part of the system that keeps the highway clear of water was gushing like crazy. It's too bad it was so dark I couldn't get a video or photo, because the water was shooting out. It was neat. Over at the Northernmost end of the trail, a few more inches of water would have lead to flooding.



It was also weird when I got there, I saw two different people in the darkness wearing headlamps. One was a woman walking a dog on the paved trail I crossed paths with and exchanged good-mornings with, the other looked like a man jogging on the upper gravel trail. Strange that a spot where I rarely see anyone is suddenly popular when it's dark and wet.

The new neighborhood's really taking shape, so I got that photo, but didn't bother with my normal shot across the river.


Not sure what they're up to here, where they moved the trail over a bit. A grassy little play area? We'll see.


The waterfall was still more active than usual when I got back, but this is nothing compared to when I got there. The water shot another two feet sideways, easily.


Today's awesome walk, 4.65 miles in 1:29, 9,925 steps
4.65 miles in 1:29, 9,925 steps

Today was quite long due to a conference call about open enrollment. I finally hung up after 90 minutes during the Q&A session. It was the type of webinar where you can see the presentation on your computer but they also make you call in on your phone for the audio portion. I've never understood why they do that. Thankfully we don't have to pay long distance charges any more.
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