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Soggy sinuses
I much prefer treading water here at the neighborhood pool, but I still had a few swims left on my electronic punch card over at Snohomish, and hadn't been there in months. I think today was my first time since getting the CPAP; I avoided it for a while since my nostrils were raw when I got it and I knew the nose plug would hurt, then just never got back over there. But I was in the mood for it today, and went over. I was quite lucky to get a lane. There are ten, and I got the last one, even though many of them had several people. I think some of that was friends sharing a lane, and there were a couple of programs happening and I'm sure those are forced to put several people in each lane so they don't hog them all up. Thankfully nobody tried to join me in my lane, which is to be expected since I'm always the slowest lap swimmer.

My nose plug is pretty good, but I still got pretty waterlogged. And my snorkel has a valve so you can blow water and drool out the bottom, but it seems to let in way more water than it should. Anyway, lap swimming is definitely a different kind of workout and I was pretty wiped by the end. The hot tub was nice, but their showers suck. The drive home was pretty.

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Not completely off topic but reminded me since you mentioned the hot tub: we just used our sauna again last night. You guys should consider getting one: http://www.jnhlifestyles.com/?gclid=CPeD2tbeodACFQFqfgodP24IrA

Edited at 2016-11-17 06:40 pm (UTC)

That's another benefit at my neighborhood pool! It has a sauna but the one I went to yesterday doesn't.

ah ok, well, aren't saunas great???

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