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The Thursday that vanished

Thursday is my beach day and I've noticed by the time that I get there on foot lately that there's a pretty good chance that the gates will be open, so I decided to try to park there today. They were open, and I did, but I still walked over to the lighthouse right away. A ferry pulled up just in time to be part of this lovely scene.


And it was leaving as I passed on the way back by, so I got this. In case you can't tell, it's sped up. I do that with a lot of my Snapchat stuff.

Back by where I parked, it was a lovely cotton candy dream of a morning. The only part I didn't like was all the other people and dogs.


It was weird to see the tide so high that some of the huge driftwood became an island.


It's rained so much lately that this area was flooded, which I've never seen before. Made for a cool photo, though.


I could swear I hit Save properly on MapMyRun, but the route isn't there. I copied the one from a week ago, which was slightly shorter. No big deal. And no reason to show a map since it'd just be a copy.

Got a pretty decent video today.

One of Garrett's old friends is coming over this weekend, and Thanksgiving's coming up, so Garrett decided to splurge on a house cleaning service. They were supposed to be here from 2-4pm today, so when I saw Sam on my bed at 1:25, I saw a window of opportunity to get both cats easily into my room. I sat on my bed and started petting Sam, and when Steve saw me doing that, he came in and jumped up for some attention. I pet them both until they started grooming each other, then walked out, closing the door behind me.

Unfortunately, the cleaners are having quite the day, and didn't show up until about 3:55. They said they saw Steve in the window and hopefully by now they're just napping. I'll be really grateful if they don't make any messes, but of course I won't blame them if they do.

Thankfully our refrigerator upstairs was fixed yesterday, and Garrett cleaned it this morning, so I already moved almost everything we had to bring downstairs back where it belongs upstairs, and I'm so glad that's over. Obviously there are much worse problems to have, but cooking is a challenge when some ingredients are upstairs and some are down.


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