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575 sconce

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Back into it
Mondays aren't so bad these days. I've had awful jobs before and dreaded Mondays, but these days, things are going pretty great. And since my longest walk of the week is always on Sunday, it's great to spend an hour in the pool to get the week off to a good start. Today has been especially nice. We've been really busy the last couple of weeks getting ready for holiday promotions, which start Friday, and I've been helping out a lot. My boss has been gone for three weeks and returned today to accolades about me in her email, which was nice. Workwise, I suspect the rest of the week will be pretty quiet since a lot of people take the whole week of Thanksgiving off. Personally, I'd rather be at work when it's quiet if I'm not traveling.

Here's the awesome dinner we had last night with that deep-fried chicken. On the side are a nine-grain salad and a spinach citrus salad, both from the QFC deli.


Brined, deep-fried chicken is amazing. I make really good frozen tenderloins in a pan, and those will be a little less impressive from now on.

Garrett wanted to see what my new haircut would be like with pomade instead of gel. It looks pretty good, but of course you have to worry more about messing it up. I'll still use gel when I'm leaving the pool for sure, and will continue experimenting with both products at home. Not at the same time or anything.