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The good climb

My Japanese Gulch backup plan for when it's wet or dark (or both) is pretty great. I can climb several hundred feet and then get in as much distance as I want. You'll recognize the map for sure, I've done it several times. Being able to walk back and forth on the access road once I get to the top means I can go as far as I want, unless I get bored. But when it's dark, that's a great place to be.


I thought about staying there just until some morning light arrived, then using the Rusty Car trail to get up to the West side. But I noticed quite a few puddles starting out, even up by the tracks, so I figured it would be quite muddy up there. Funnily enough, I just saw a Facebook post from the Japanese Gulch Group about how muddy it is.

On my way down, I spotted a fallen tree I'm not sure I've seen before. It's hard to see how far away it is and how big it is, but I the photo from up by the tracks, and it's on the other side of the trail below. My guess is that it's 30 feet long, or more.


There was a little bit of a rainbow on my way back down. You might be able to see it if you tilt your laptop or phone way back.

There's a rainbow in this photo

My regular picture of the view looking up from the dog park. I should gather all these and do a slideshow sometime.


Today's awesome walk, 5.76 miles in 1:59, 12,880 steps, 429ft gain
5.76 miles in 1:59, 12,880 steps, 429ft gain

Previously I've heard dogs barking toward the South end and assumed they were with people who were camping, but after seeing tons of lights through the trees around there today, I realized those may have been guard dogs at some of the nearby businesses. You can see those properties to the left of the bottom portion of my route.

As you know, I can't resist a good rainy video.

Today after I was done with work I had to drive down to Bothell to pick up our turkey. We needed a fresh one to brine so it can be deep fried, so Garrett ordered it from a really cool natural foods store called PCC. There's one a little bit closer in Edmonds, but all of theirs were spoken for by the time he called. No big deal, as I've been wanting to get back down to Mill Creek to try a dish called hae dub bab I spotted on the menu at a sushi place a while back. They describe it as Korean chirashi, and that's pretty apt. It's a bowl of rice with greens, vegetables, and raw fish. They bring out a squeeze bottle of sauce and you mix the whole thing together. Quite tasty, and bigger than I expected or I wouldn't have ordered the oysters on the right.

Hae dub bab, oyster tempura

The menu said "oyster tempura" but instead it was a very heavy, crunchy coating. Not really what I was in the mood for, but you can't win them all.

I made another video on the way home for the clouds. Usually I do 16x speed, but this one's at 32x.

And I just finished my binge-watch of The Real World: Hollywood. I'd only ever seen a few minutes of it before, a very depressing fight that was really silly and escalated quickly. I had no idea I was in store for so much more, as one castmate did cocaine at a club and drank for hours trying to fall asleep, at which point he blacked out and threatened everyone. This was just a couple of days after he broke his sobriety and went into a tailspin, crying and saying he wanted to die. Totally terrifying. The producers agreed to send him to rehab, but once he came back, he didn't like being in the environment, and quit the show. Reading up on the show, I found out he ended up on a celebrity rehab show a few years later, and died shortly after that. A guy that several of the castmates worked with at an internship also died during filming. All of that, plus some of the awful treatment and behavior throughout, plus a very scary altercation outside a club, made for a season I'm glad to be finished with.

They're playing the first season again soon, which will be fun to see. I'd like to re-watch the first Seattle one, plus Boston, Chicago, and Return to New York, and see all the others I never saw. They're such interesting pop culture artifacts, even if I can't stand the fact that the producers clearly have a "no fatties" policy when it comes to casting.


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