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"I prefer rum and ass."

Anna Kiss, whose Lip Locked podcast episodes I've been listening to in the pool, is a very versatile DJ and plays all modern dance genres. I got a major reminder of that with episode 354, which was a drum and bass episode. It's not completely accurate to say I hate drum and bass, but I'll definitely say it's the most repetitive music I've ever heard. People think all electronic music is repetitive, but DnB is really the one where it almost all sounds the same. With my rave friends, I used to joke that every song was, "tictic tictic BWOM BWOM BWOM, tictic tictic BWOM BWOM BWOM, and hearing an hour of it today really brought me back to that.

That said, it's pretty decent music to tread water to. It's a lot faster than the stuff than I usually hear, so I had to kick pretty fast to keep up. I took a few breaks where I went half time, but for the most part I was really working. And I was surprised to hear a song that really stood out.

I just liked it a lot because it had so much more than the normal tics and bwoms and occasional female vocals. It really sounds like some awesome '80s stuff like The Police all chewed up and spit out by electronic aliens. I was also surprised later on in the podcast to hear a song with male vocals. Very rare for DnB in my experience. But I didn't like that song enough to bother finding it.

Lately I've been swimming in a Speedo brand suit that's pretty nice, even if it just barely fits. The elastic in the leg holes is a little tight, but not so much that it's painful. But I still wanted to try one of my other ones that recently arrived.

Clearly that isn't me in the photo. I like that suit a lot. It's colorful, but not enough that I feel like it's screaming "LOOK AT ME!" The fabric is nice and stretchy, and there's a drawstring, which I prefer. The suits I've had with waistbands feel great, but the tops eventually start folding over, which is annoying. The only issue with this suit so far is that the leg hole on the right side is a little bit loose. Something to be conscientious about, especially when exiting the pool. But that may be an issue with just that one, so I ordered two more. Solid black and solid blue. The Speedo was nearly $30 and each of these is only $7.50 or so, so it's really not a big deal to try more out.


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