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Wet and busy

A lot of people think of days off from work as an opportunity to sleep in and skip their workouts, but that's just not me. I get up at the same time because I don't want to have a hard time falling asleep later on, and my walks and swims are the best part of the day. I walk rain or shine, and Thanksgiving 2016 was a real test of that. According to Garrett's weather station, we had 1.77 inches of rain.


I got completely soaked, and there weren't really many opportunities for photos, though I did my usual amount of Snapchat. It's a fun way to pass the time even if there's not a lot to see. One thing I discovered yesterday is that the walkways over at Mukilteo Beach Park don't have very good drainage and had a couple of inches of water on them. Thankfully I saved that bit for last.

Yesterday's awesome walk, 6.06 miles in 2:02, 13,298 steps
6.06 miles in 2:02, 13,298 steps

My hat head once I got home was a thing of beauty. Very appropriate that it looked so much like a turkey on Thanksgiving.

The dinner turned out to be quite the ordeal. I drove all the way out to Bothell on Tuesday to pick up what was supposed to be a fresh turkey, only to discover it was mostly frozen. You can still brine a frozen bird, but it has to be checked a lot because you leave it out of the refrigerator because the salt in the brine will never let it thaw otherwise. Garrett still had to give it a water bath in the end.

It always seems on Thanksgiving morning like there's so much time, but suddenly everything comes hard and fast. There was so much cooking to do, even without the contingency chicken thighs Garrett baked in case the turkey wasn't great. I swear it took me half an hour just to peel and cut up the potatoes I later mashed.

Bev and Dennis came, along with my nieces and our friend Claire, with her mom. We set up two tables because we were ready for my niece's husband and son, but she left them behind at her mother-in-law's place. Bev ended up sitting with them at the small table, so the rest of us had tons of room at the main one, which we put the leaf in anyway just so it'd be nice and roomy. They eventually joined us at the big table for dessert.

I didn't get any photos, except one to thank my friend Holly again via text message for the rabbit-shaped dish, which we always serve carrots in. She brought it over as a housewarming present a couple of years ago and it's on display at all times next to the toaster oven.



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