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575 sconce

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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'tis the season
Yesterday during my walk I realized I still hadn't heard back about potential plans with an old friend who was supposed to be in Seattle over the weekend. He said over a month ago to pencil him in for a visit, and I followed up on Wednesday and still hadn't heard back. Suspecting I wouldn't hear back at all, I sent a message at 7:30am saying I was canceling if I didn't hear back by 9:00. A day later, I still haven't heard back, and Facebook Messenger shows my last message as still unread. Of course it's possible that something bad has happened, but I'm assuming it's general flakiness since it's so common. Especially from him. In fact, I worded my last message to be reminiscent of the voice mails I used to leave when he was late meeting me. Ha.

Garrett was busy with volunteer work stuff yesterday and went straight from that to putting up the upstairs tree, so I grabbed the downstairs tree and it up at the same time.


This morning at the pool was nice, as usual, and I had a little shopping to do because I wanted some options for dinner that are nothing at all like the Thanksgiving food we've had so much of over the past few days. As is often the case, I ended up going to both neighborhood grocery stores. They didn't have the fish or the salad I needed at the first one, and their lottery machine wasn't working. I still managed to forget a couple of things, but that's fine. I have some winning lotto tickets to cash in and the customer service desk is never open yet when I'm there, so I'll have to make a special trip at some point soon anyway.

This week I'm watching Psycho, the original first, then the remake. I wish there was an option on the disc to watch them both at the same time on the same screen. People never really warmed up to Gus van Sant's shot-for-shot remake, but I always loved it. And I wish more people would try it with other movies. There's something to be said for remakes that do new things with the story, but I think it would be even harder to try to match it perfectly.

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I adore the rainbow Christmas tree.

I do too except for how every branch is a separate piece. Takes quite a while to assemble. Worth it, tho.

This is what I came here to say! Awesome tree.

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