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A burst of productivity

I made salmon and Greek salads last night and it tasted so good after so many days of Thanksgiving food.


It definitely awakened a craving in me that'll likely take several days to get over.

Before bed last night, I messaged Melissa to see if she wanted to join me for a walk this morning, and she said yes, so I met her by her gate at the marina and then we parked nearby. And we matched today, because my new safety harness came in a 2-pack, and I gave her the second one. They've put up more lights around the marina and it looks pretty great.


We walked really fast and didn't see much else, but the glow over Boeing was quite something this morning.


But of course I have to stop for a photo of the daily special.


Yesterday's awesome walk, 6.75 miles in 1:56, 13,551 steps
6.75 miles in 1:56, 13,551

Like I said, we went really fast. Three miles an hour is a satisfying pace for me, so going nearly seven in under two hours is awesome.

I thought about trying a Mexican place I've had my eye on today, but my salad and vegetables craving won. I went to the buffet instead, but focused on the salad bar instead of the usual stuff. The nice thing about a salad at a buffet is that you can put interesting stuff on it like kimchi and stuffed mushrooms. This is the first time I ever went there without getting sushi, but I just couldn't face the rice.

I got quite a bit done after that. Picked up some things I needed at the drug store, got my flu shot, got groceries, went through my dresser and closet and filled up a garbage bag of clothes to donate, and folded a load of towels. Mainly because I have other stuff that has to be done the rest of the week and I was tired of it all piling up. And I'm getting my hair cut in the morning, so that's a perfect time to drop off the clothes.


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