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Crisis averted
I went to my normal Thursday spot for loops around the tank farm and found that the gate I normally go through there was locked. That was a bummer because a lap around it is almost a perfect mile, so it's really easy to go as far as you like. Without being able to go through, you'd have to go around and come back, two miles each time.


I felt bad for anyone who walks down that way to catch their train, thinking they'd find the closed gate, have to go an extra mile, and miss their train. But then I discovered the wall doesn't go all the way to the fence at the train station, and there's even a special little gravel walkway wrapping around. So, no big deal. Makes me wonder why they bother locking the gate, then, if you can just go around the other side of the wall.

I'd gotten an early start because the cats woke me up at 3am getting into a minor argument at the foot of my bed. I stayed in bed a while longer, but got up about 25 minutes early. So it was really dark when I got down there, but there was finally some light when I got to the beach on the other side of the ferry terminal.


And there was just a touch of color in the clouds right before I got to the car.


Today's awesome walk, 7.16 miles in 2:19, 15,436 steps
7.16 miles in 2:19, 15,436 steps

I don't think I've ever gone so far down at the tank farm. I should go early more often.

Here's Steve being silly.

I also came to terms today with the fact that I can't frown.

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Haha, the cat is awesome.

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