christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

The dangers of marijuana

In one part of a very long dream I had this morning, Garrett walked in during a large gathering of family and friends with no beard left because he messed up with the clippers. He hadn't shaved off all the stubble yet, and looked pretty good! He left for a bit and that's when I noticed Gary Johnson was there, vaping. I figured if I had to be stuck at a gathering with Gary Johnson, I may as well get stoned, too, so I did. Garrett came back, and gower_power sneaked up behind him to do a lewd doggy-style gesture. I said they looked very sexy and Gary Johnson kept staring at me, disapprovingly. Only the one hit of dreamland weed I'd done was making me see two Gary Johnsons, and it wasn't even double vision, they weren't in sync or anything. Imagine the horror of being stared at by two Gary Johnsons.

boomstick was also there, hanging out with a cousin I don't really like who was being a brat.
Tags: dreams

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