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Tattoo update
Another awesome session with Jimmy. He went for almost 2.5 hours but rounded down to two when it came time to pay. Obviously this is going to take a while, and it'll be even longer because I decided to financially responsible and skip January so I can catch up on my bills.


Jimmy's empire is expanding! He lives up in Marysville and is teaming up with another tattoo shop owner whose shop is there to open one geared more toward walk-in business. Good idea, since it's hard to work walk-ins into a busy shop sometimes. May as well have another one down the road ready for them. He also wants to buy the bar next door. And he's been remodeling the shop here in Everett and will have a piercing room there soon. Maybe I should finally do my other nipple. I had them both done at the same time and one of them migrated, forcing me to take it out. That was nine years ago or so and I never did anything about it.

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Beautiful work! What a great artist!

He really is, and I'm so lucky he fell into my lap the way he did.

That's a really good-looking piece! Nice!

Ugh I love it. I know I"ve asked a million times, but are you getting color eventually? Or black and white?

This arm will just be black and white. I have two black tattoos on the forearm already so it didn't really make sense to try to do color. My only color tattoos are the T-Rex and the The More You Know on my leg. I might do color on my right arm, which will have a giant squid at some point.

How many more hours of work is it going to take? A couple of sessions?

Quite a few sessions. What you see so far is three sessions and about eight or so hours. We're going to do a full sleeve, though a lot of the background stuff won't be as bold.

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