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I decided after many weeks of Sundays at Langus Riverfront Park and Spencer Island that I'd go somewhere else, just on the off chance I could share some different scenery with the Sunday FB crowd. Of course I hadn't thought about the fact that it'd be dark when I got there and all the trees would be bare when the sun came up. Oh well. Normally I don't make a video on my way out, but since I was driving on the main drag today, I thought it would be cool to see all the signs and stuff. I nearly stopped the video when I got on the Boeing freeway, but I'm glad I didn't, because it's always cool to see the Boeing plant and how long it takes to drive past it, even at 16x speed.

I parked up at the top in a nearby business park thinking I might end up leaving via the Western side, but I slipped in mud just a few feet from the car and realized it'd be stupid to do anything but the center trail and the access road, same as I have been lately. It was dark enough that coming in on the roadside was pretty tough, but it wasn't so bad by the time I got in.


It was such a goofy morning. First, I thought I spotted someone with a light in the woods across the way, and wondered why they were just standing still. But as I got closer to where I thought it was, I realized the light wasn't getting any closer. Turns out, when the trees have no leaves, you can see right through the woods for a glimpse at the streetlights below, even from half a mile away or so. After that, it was finally bright enough that I decided to put my earbuds in, and just after that, three guys jogged past me from behind and scared the hell out of me. It was plenty bright as I headed back up.


There wasn't tons to take pictures of, but I always love this thing.


I love this shade of green on these things, it's perfect.


There were quite a few of these things laying on the roadside. Anyone know what they are? They're made of foam padding.


There was some good cloud action on the way out.


Today's awesome walk, 5.08 miles in 1:57, 12,112 steps, 443 ft gain
5.08 miles in 1:57, 12,112 steps, 443 ft gain

I headed back the way I came because I saw that the new Popeye's restaurant is almost ready to open, and was hoping there would be a date on one of the banners. No such luck, but it can't be much longer.

We went for a hangover cure breakfast at Strawberry Patch Cafe after I got home and had a shower. Garrett had the Polish omelette, and I had the chicken fried steak. Everything was great, and our friends Kristen and Matt came in while we were eating, and sat in the booth behind ours. We got to have a nice chat between when we finished our food and when theirs arrived.


After we got home, we put new carpet on this cat perch, which was a really annoying chore. But it's nice to have it back inside for them. I took it out of the house before Thanksgiving because the old, shredded carpet on it was making a mess, and I wanted the room to stay nice after the cleaning crew we hired finished.



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