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Darkness and lamplight

The weather services warned we might get four inches of snow overnight. That didn't come to pass, but it was pretty cold. I finally added a long-sleeved shirt under my hoodie today, and headed over to Lowell figuring it'd be a bit warmer there than on the waterfront. With my hat, gloves, and extra layer, everything was fine. They've made tons of progress over at the new housing development, with several model homes finished, staged, and even decorated with Christmas lights around the front door.


Over at the other end of the trail, I thought I was seeing pathway lighting between the two parking areas. Turns out it was just parking lot lights for the Eastern lot, and I could see them through the trees. I've never noticed them before, and decided to go have a look at that parking lot. It was empty, so I walked two laps around it to add a bit to my distance total.


By the time there was any light, I was almost done, so I never bothered putting my earbuds in.


It's never as bad as I think it will be if I don't have any music for my walk, but it's a little annoying when I can't get a song out of my head. This was today's:

Today's awesome walk, 5.1 miles in 1:35, 10,724 steps
5.1 miles in 1:35, 10,724 steps

There was a bit of snow after I got home, but not much, and it wasn't around for long. I had a few missions to accomplish today, and am proud to say everything was done! First, I went out for lunch at a Chinese restaurant I've been wanting to try in Lynnwood, the next city South of us. Then I hit two nearby thrift stores to find a new lamp.


I already had that shade and was using it on a huge wine bottle with a cork lamp kit, but after bumping it yet again yesterday with the carpet we used to cover the cat perch, the remaining broken piece of cork just wouldn't stay in the bottle any more. It's a nice idea, but a cork isn't strong enough to hold a big lampshade without breaking. I like this new lamp, though, and it's got a bigger base and is much more stable than what I was using. Plus, it's not made of glass, so it won't shatter.

Once I got home, I spent about 90 minutes fixing our doorbell. I got an email from yesterday saying it was offline, and I tried several times to get it working again. The doorbell was connected, but alerts just weren't coming through. I know enough about troubleshooting to know the kinds of things they'll ask you to do if you call for support, so I went ahead and removed it from the account and added it back. That worked, thank goodness.

Currently, I'm watching an '80s Twilight Zone episode with a plot I recognized immediately. Richard Kelly eventually made it into The Box, which I only saw the first time last summer.


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