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Partial success

When I learned last night that temperatures would drop below freezing overnight, I decided not to walk today. It's not necessarily so bad once I get moving, but roads can be slick when it's freezing out, and so can sidewalks and trails. So I stayed in and did the Yoga for Your Back video, which was probably long overdue. Truth be told, I should really do it twice a week, but I haven't been. When it started getting brighter out, I could see how cold it really was.



This is the lawn, such as it is. The moss seems to support ice crystals really well.


My favorite time of day is sunrise, of course, but on a very cold day, my second favorite is when the sun starts hitting frosty stuff.

I originally planned to see my friend Kristen for lunch because I mentioned that after receiving this shipment of air plants yesterday, I had too many junceas, which are the long, spiky ones. She said she could take a couple off my hands.


I had three already, and worried because they weren't looking so great, but I have an item in the shop that features them. My favorite supplier happened to have a good deal on a five-pack, which was perfect. But the current deal for friends of the shop was also a free one, and the large plant variety pack I ordered had that kind as well. Oops!

Kristen was up late with her kitten at the emergency vet, and canceled lunch. So my afternoon was free for another project, which was getting as many of my walking shoes as possible, because I noticed in a banner ad that they were on sale. Unfortunately, I got the last one available in my size online, so I had to call all the physical stores in the region to see how many I could get. Everett had two, Marysville had zero, Lynnwood had zero, and Bothell had one. I got the two from Everett and decided against driving to Bothell, but I might go tomorrow if lunch doesn't happen. And I didn't even call the Monroe store yet. But I've got two more pair here at the house now, and one on the way, and I've only recently started using my current pair, so I'm probably set until well after the next time they go on sale.

The kitten's doing well, by the way.

The rest of the day was a success, shopping-wise. Got a few dollars off those shoes plus a nice amount off a handmade jockstrap on Etsy using coupon codes found via the Honey browser extension. I'm excited about the latter because if their work is good, it's someone I can use in the future for custom orders. Like with swimsuits, I still haven't found the perfect one yet. There are good parts with all of them, but the perfect one hasn't presented itself yet. Custom may be the way to go.

The sporting goods store is right by Ross, and I found some nice pans and pint glasses there, cheap. Dealing with the line to check out was a pain, but it was worth it. I also stopped by the grocery store on the way home and was a bit bummed because the cashier I always have the same exchange with changed things up a bit. He always asks how I'm doing, I say, "Good! And you?" and he always replies, "Fine." And I just love the way he says it. But today he said he was "good" and that was just weird.

The tattoo's healing well, but now it's in that itchy, tight, peeling stage. It's pretty gross because little black bits of skin flake off in the shower and move around when I put the lotion on. As much as I hate to skip a session, I'm so glad I did so that I didn't feel the need to think twice about stocking up on shoes.

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