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A new limitation

I've never had much use for the weather report, because I walk in all weather except snow, and we get almost no snow here. And I noticed in TimeHop that I had a perfectly fine time last year when it was 18 degrees with freezing fog. So even though I skipped yesterday's walk and did yoga instead because it was so cold, I went out to the marina today for a walk, and learned via the Snapchat temperature filter that it was even colder. 24 degrees if that filter's to be believed.


I'm not sure if what I was seeing when I got there was freezing fog or a very light snow, but it was like the air all around me was filled with glitter. Pretty neat.

The further North I went, the more it looked like it might have snowed a bit.


The marina's getting more and more festive. I submitted collages of this stuff to the Live in Everett blog in an attempt to win a gift certificate to the Mexican restaurant I want to try next.


Today's special.


Yesterday's awesome walk, 5.21 miles in 1:41, 11,199 steps
5.21 miles in 1:41, 11,199 steps

The route here has changed quite a bit due to construction. I normally like to follow the edge the whole way (except North of 10th) but right now 14th Street and a big section below it is fenced off.

I really like today's video.

As soon as I got home, my thighs were very sore, and eventually that soreness spread to my whole body. I did some research and found out that cold weather can make a workout that doesn't regularly phase you hurt a lot due to the extra energy your body uses keeping warm. What I can't explain is why it was suddenly an issue for the first time this year. A dip in the hot tub this afternoon would have been perfect, but I didn't feel like having to keep my freshly-tattooed arm out of the water. Plus I would have had to head over to the swim center at noon without having had lunch first. So instead, I sat in an epsom salt bath for a while after lunch. Our tub isn't very deep, so it was really just for my legs, but it helped.

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